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Our Suppliers

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Chantecler Boucherie buys a variety of beef products from Penokean including but not limited to boneless chuck rolls, top sirloin, capless primes, shortloins, striploins, ribeyes, bavettes, flat irons and short ribs. All of our large scale beef such as swinging ribs, forequarters and longloins come from Penokean. We tend to order in their awardwinning pea-barley finished beef.

"Penokean Hills Farms is an award-winning craft brand of Angus beef. Founded in 2005, Penokean was created by a small group of area farmers as a way to produce and market a premium-quality, 100% Northern Ontario brand of beef. The cattle are not given any added-hormones or unnecessary antibiotics of any kind; They are primarily raised on natural grasses and then finished on their award winning pea-barley based finishing diet. ”

Artisan Farms


Artisan Farms provides Chantecler Boucherie with a lot of beautiful beef. We often stock their prime grade striploins and ribeyes — a consistently amazing product. We also frequently buy beef knuckle bones, shortloins, flat irons, bavettes and short ribs.

“Artisan Farms is a protein distribution company stemming from a 110 year history within the cattle farming industry across Canada. Throughout these years it developed breeding expertise and cattle genetics that produce the highest yielding superior animals, ethically raised in a sustainable and humane environment which does not require the use or hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Ever.

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King Capon


We get all of our whole chickens from King Capon and break them down into parts and bones. King Capon also provides us with beautiful livers for us to make your favourite Chancellor chicken liver mousse.

“King Capon is a family owned and operated farm, which has been running for over 75 years. We grow many birds ourselves, with great care in all essential areas. Feed, water, light, heat, space and ventilation are closely monitored to ensure the health of the animal. The others come from fantastic Mennonite growers; all of the birds are grown slowly and in a natural way to get the model meat chicken."

The chickens are fed balanced feeds of a more natural nutrient density to give them this extra time to achieve the ideal weight without compromising their quality of life. Our feed consists of a combination of wheat shorts, corn, distiller’s grain, and soy.

Murray's Farm


Murray’s is our top egg provider, stocking us with delicious heritage chicken eggs. We also sometimes have his heritage pork in the window and have had many different breeds showcased from Berkshires to Tamworths to Gloucestershire Old Spots and British Saddlebacks. Murray also has a selection of seasonal pickles and preserves.

Murray’s hogs are fed a pure, clean, non-GMO, natural and healthy diet of oats, peas, barley, and green hay; plus, whatever natural goodies they root up while foraging around the farm. No corn. No soy. 

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Perth Pork


Perth is our main pork supplier. We get a half or whole Tamworth hog from Perth on Tuesdays, hang it for at least a week and, when we can, age the primals for up to 28 days longer to bring out the beautiful flavours. Perth also provides us with cappo roasts for our house smoked hams and Tamworth bellies for our house-cured and smoked bacon.

On our land we grow only non GMO crops that are mostly used for our pigs. We are big on raising our pigs in a humane way, which means that their environment is always comfortable and keeps the stress level as low as possible and they get lots of room to run, hide and play.

Our feed is made from non GMO grains and has no antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts. We don’t push our pigs to grow fast, but rather let them take their time to reach market weight. We aim for as much marbling as is possible which we achieve through our feeding program.

Beverly Creek


"Humane handling is extremely important to us, and is practiced from the farm right through to the abattoir.

Our lambs our raised and fed ‘naturally’ meaning they have plenty of wide open spaces to roam, but shelter from the elements as well as being fed a vegetarian blend of feed. Free choice hay and water is abundant at all times.

The feed is all locally sourced, with a main ingredient being corn silage (corn is left in the field to dry and harvested as the whole plant…stalk and all) which is harvested off our own land directly behind the farm.

What we have achieved is quality lambs, with mild flavour and consistency.

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